Making funerals more caring,
it's as simple as that.

Is spending two hours in an office listening to a sales rep
who's trying to get a sales bonus really what
people need at such a time?

We think not.

While this is how things work in the classic funeral process, on top of many other inconveniences, such as hours spent cancelling subscriptions or the psychological difficulty of trying to get one's choices accepted if they are more modest.

We want to change this experience by offering kinder support. To do our best to offer you strength and really useful services to help you deal with everything.

A different way
to arrange funerals

We are the only funeral director to be legally mission driven, because it was really important to us to change this service.

Our mission: “To offer genuinely kind and caring support to people who have lost a loved one.”

Fairness & support

A fair service, a caring advisor and real availability (7/7).


For funerals that are respectful of our environment.

Exclusive services!

Exclusive services included, such as closure of accounts or an online memorial.

A clear offer

that helps you to move forward

Being supported, also means being able to get a fair price quickly without spending hours comparing prices, or feeling pressured to choose the most expensive coffin.

No hidden fees
No unwanted options
No sales pressure
No complex quote to understand
No complex paperwork to do

Make one last cherished memory.

Everyone deserves this last memory to be a peaceful and harmonious one, that's why everything in our approach contributes to this.
At Advitam, our staff are highly trained, with qualifications from certified organisations. All of our partners are selected for their know-how and experience.

Advitam is committed

For more respectful

In France, most players have no or few eco-friendly commitments. We see things differently.

We believe in funerals that are more in tune with nature,
that protect and respect life, it's as simple as that.

A memorial tree planted for each family supported

We are committed to plant a memorial tree, as a tribute to the deceased. More than 1,500 trees have already been planted in France, the equivalent of 225 tons of CO2 (or more than 1 million km by car).

Less polluting embalming products

Embalming is mostly unnecessary, and often offered for purely commercial reasons, even though the chemicals used pollute soils and groundwater.

Advitam offers embalming only when it is really needed.

Coffins and urns made from recycled cardboard.

Eco-friendly cardboard coffins reduce the number of trees needed to make them. We offer several models, all made in France.

Reduced paper and power consumption

We have stopped all use of paper, including the 30-page funeral file. Cancelling the deceased person's subscriptions give us the opportunity to stop multiple follow-up papers and information letters, and to decrease the electricity consumption in the servers that needlessly host this data.

"In 2015, I lost my father. I was shocked by the very expensive and old-fashioned service offered.”

"In 2015, I lost my father. I was shocked by the very expensive and old-fashioned service offered.”

This strengthened the will of myself and my partner to offer a different, kinder service, at a fair price, so that other families no longer have to suffer the same methods.

Vignette citation

Philippe Meyralbe
Advitam's founder

Our values

There's only one right way to do it, and that's your way.
Saving you valuable time. And thus making the process less stressful for you.
Being honest at all times and not pushing you to accept useless services.
Being as clear as possible and taking the time to explain everything.
Kindness and empathy, these are our watchwords.