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Advitam is a fair, trustworthy and legal funeral service that can help you to provide more services to families, anywhere in France.

Are you looking for a trusted partner in France? You're in the right place.


Let's create a winning partnership together. We will be your partner in France. You will be our partner abroad.
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Available 7/7 for families, but also for you.

Because we provide a full service anywhere in France

Do you need a partner for a burial, a repatriation, administrative paperwork or a transportation ?

We can provide them all!

Repatriation from or to France
Headstone installation
Grow your business

Become our partner when we need services in your country.

Are you thinking of growing your business with repatriation? it could happen very soon...

De nouvelles misions pour les professionnels du funéraire
Do you want to grow your business? You're in the right place.

All this while being

At Advitam, we are always seeking to achieve the highest quality, including for those we partner with.


Affordable prices

Do you feel like you are being cheated every time you need a funeral service in France? This won't happen anymore. We are 20-30% less expensive.

Repatriation specialists

Whether for body repatriation from or to France, we are here to help. We are specialists.

Time saving

One single partner for all your services in France. No need to waste time asking for several quotes every time you need services in France.

Funeral services
with greater engagement.

At Advitam, we value quality above all. Together, we can work to move things in the right direction.

For families

Provide greater support and responsiveness. With attractive prices and exclusive services.

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For the climate

At last, funerals more linked to nature! We offer eco-friendly alternatives to many classic choices, and we plant a tree in memory of each deceased.

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