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anywhere in France

Arrange a funeral anywhere in France in a smoother and more affordable way.

Simply and calmly

from your home.

Arrange the final goodbyes that you really want, directly from your home, with your friends and family around you.

30% cheaper

Funerals at realistic, not inflated prices.


Your funeral expert takes all your choices into consideration, with no pressure.

Anywhere in France

Arrange funerals from or to anywhere in France
Review it quietly at home with your loved ones.

Transparent pricing
in less than 5 min.

Work with a personal funeral director who will help you arrange the last goodbyes that suit you.
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Available 7/7, when you need us. We adapt to you, not the opposite.

We have already helped thousands of families to make arrangements as they wanted them to be made.

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to or from France?

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