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Free services
that take the pressure off you...

We offer exclusive services to free you from paperwork, and help you to pay tribute to the deceased person with your loved ones.Arrange now

Financial Aid

Identify the financial aid you are entitled to for free, and how to claim it.

Aides financières

Administrative management

Whether it is for a funeral service, a body repatriation or a headstone installation, we will take care of the paperwork. You have better things to do and, above all, we know how to do it well.

Cancellation of subscriptions and social media accounts

All of the deceased person's subscriptions cancelled in just 5 minutes: bank, Facebook, telephone, insurance etc. Truly hours saved.

Trusted partners

Do you need professional services to take care of everything related to the loss of a loved one?

We curated these specialists just for you: furniture removal, house/flat/car sales, disinfection...

but also

Online memorial

Any of your relatives can submit a tribute or a photo, from anywhere in the world.


Give your relatives the opportunity to support a charity.

Money pot

Allow your relatives to offer financial support to family.

A memorial tree
planted for each family supported

Thousands of trees already growing every day in France.

For more respectful

By offering coffins or urns made of recycled cardboard, or by limiting the use of polluting treatments, we want to change funeral standards.

Our commitments

We have already helped thousands of families to make arrangements as they wanted them to be made.